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"[Grazia Marin's work] is powerful and dynamic ... [it] has a strong force of its own." - Contemporary Art Society of Victoria. Read full review here.

Grazia Marin believes that creativity has no boundaries other than those imposed by the self. A creative person, therefore, will probably have the ability to express that creativity in a number of ways, encompassing many genres. This is reflected in the way Grazia must write, paint, sculpt and assemble. As a younger person, this list included dance. 

In the mid 1990’s, Grazia began a habit of creating art. That is when her focused art education began. At that stage, she was drawn to representational art. In later years, her work became more of a reflection on mythology and literature of all kinds and how humans connect with them. Since then, her work has become strongly conceptual, making anti-war, anti-fascism statements. Her current work also includes an exploration on the experiences of women. It is probable that her training, education and professional experiences in psychology have contributed to the inclusion of a social consciousness in her art. 

In recent years, Grazia has found an enjoyable addition to her art, that is, teaching. She believes that there are two important, basic concepts in the making of art. Observation of the world around us is one concept. The other is ‘practice’, both as a repetitive exercise to hone skills and as a life/work focus. When teaching, Grazia helps students clarify their individual goals and preferences. This means having a student-centred method of teaching. Her background and training provide her with the ability to help students grow, including people who are in rehabilitation, needing distraction from pain, as well as self enhancement. 

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